Music Community

Professional musicians with well-established careers represent a significant segment of the music and arts community. In fact, there are at least 105 groups of musicians who are highly professional and work independently and as part of institutions. It is worth mentioning that Xalapa has 3 symphony orchestras, 4 big bands, 1 nonet, 1 philharmonic orchestra, 4 pop music orchestras, 11 marching bands and 81 groups or ensembles that cover genres such as jazz, salsa, son jarocho, son huasteco, rock , fusion and other genres from the rest of the country and abroad. There are also numerous musical groups and communities, many of them short-lived as they are created for recreational purposes.

Music plays an important economic role in the city, as it generates jobs and income. About  900 students join the main music schools of higher eductation every year. The local music community has more than 2,500 active members who are self employed or work for public institutions. There are 80 businesses directly related to the music industry, with another 220 businesses indirectly related. Musicians and businesses combined generate $ 2.7 million USD each year. The average monthly income of a musician nationwide is 450 USD – according to the INEGI 2014 National Employment Survey. In Xalapa, the average monthly income is 315 USD, 30% below the national level. This figure is even more dramatic if we compare it to the US average of $3,400 USD per month (according to PayScale). Increasing the income of our musicians is one of the most important challenges.

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Flash Mob of the Xalapa Symphony Orchestra (Danzón No.2 by Arturo Márquez) in Plaza Américas Xalapa, March 15, 2013.

Silvana Estrada – Si Me Matan

Los Aguas Aguas – Tranquilo y Tropical

Sonex – Bailando

La Manta – El Gavilán (sesión en vivo)

Here are some of the iconic groups and performers from the community who have recorded at RTV Música‘s magnificent Estudio G in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico.

Complete programs:

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