Xalapa has more than 50 venues to host musical performances. They are spaces that can host massive concerts, as well as performances for few spectators. The City Council promotes music and the arts in the most marginalized sectors through 13 community centers located in the periphery and low-income areas.

Both the JazzUV School and the UV School of Music have their own auditoriums. The city also has world-class venues such as the Tlaqná Cultural Center, being the venue for the OSX concerts. The city has several spaces that serve as a means to promote music. The most prominent are State Theater, City Agora, JJ Herrera Theater, Sergio Pitol Auditorium, Tajín Room, Auditorium of the Contemporary Art Gallery, Bicentennial Plaza Forum, Miguel Vélez Forum of the Lake House, Carlos Fuentes Cultural Corridor, the Recreational Center and the auditorium of the Municipal Initiative of Art and Culture of Xalapa.

It is worth mentioning that the independent spaces are organized in the Network of Independent Cultural Spaces of Xalapa (RECIX), which has 34 spaces with forums for both musical presentations and performing arts, visual and plastic arts, cinema and literature.

Get to know some of the RECIX spaces: