Music Museum

It is about the creation of the first music museum-library in the country, which can house a whole range of museum experiences related to music: exhibition of old instruments, interactive room for musical learning both for children and young people as well as adults, a showroom for brochures and historical documents, an experimental room for sound art, among others. Similarly, this museum will have a library of scores that includes the development of a web platform with digitized scores to be able to share this collection with the Internet. Scores are an indispensable source of information for the university community and music students and researchers. Currently, the Xalapa Symphony Orchestra has a ninety-year historical archive. Its catalog contains 800 works. However, since there is no adequate space for their storage and preservation, estimates indicate that 40% of scores have deteriorated. The proposal is that this museum-library be located in the facilities of the Tlaqná Cultural Center of the Veracruzana University. At the local level, the Library will serve students from the Faculty of Music, the Higher Institute of Music of the State of Veracruz, members of the Xalapa Symphony Orchestra and the Veracruz State Symphony Orchestra, at a national and international level it will be availability of the member cities of the Network through the web platform. The museum will be open to the general public for the benefit of the entire Xalapa community and due to its characteristics of being one of a kind at the national level, it will also serve as a tourist attraction in the city.

“Stradivarius del Vaticano” exhibited at the Tlaqná Cultural Center during the International Festival of Music and Lutherie