Musical Instruments Workshop of the FIML

This festival seeks to promote and promote spaces that allow healthy entertainment among the Xalapa community through musical culture, as well as cultural exchange not only between said community but also between the actors of the musical and lumber sector at the local, national and international level, an example of this is the alliance that was formed with the Florence Academy of Art from the first edition of the Festival and the beginning of the twinning process between Xalapa and the city of Cremona in Italy. Within the framework of this festival, it is intended to create the Musical Instruments Workshop to train people at a technical level in the trade of building and repairing popular plucked instruments through a concise and substantial program that allows them to start their own workshops individually or organized in cooperatives. In this project, it is considered that the state of Veracruz is rich in the production of woods such as cedar, mahogany and chagane, and that there would be few inputs that would be necessary to acquire outside the entity, thereby encouraging the local specialized production industry lumber and other inputs.